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Hello I really love your work and the idea of a fog plan on camera 
awesome work

do you mind if I use it in my game? 

you will be in the credit of course

use it as you wish my friend ☺️ 

I have a small problem, the fog was beautiful but it doesn't render any FX from my scenery, how can I solve this?

In this gate there is a red FX making a wall.

Can it be modified to be able to fly through? Looks great, but disappears when too close unlike the real fog. I will try to fix this locally, but now have not enough time to research

I have the same issue.

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With cubemap realization (which is used) is not possible (it's not 3d fog, just imitation on the edges of the cube), but I found HDRP fog variant with a lot of billboards, which I had adopted in my game (URP):

It's still no real 3d, but with this approach I can fly through